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Overseer Yolanda Stephens


Overseer Yolanda Stephens is a mighty woman of God

who has emerged as one of the leading ladies of our

time. She is an anointed, powerful preacher and a right

now, end-time prophet of God who penetrates the hearts

of men with her soul-stirring and thought-provoking

teachings based on the Word of the living God.

God has given this vessel tremendous vision and insight

into innovative, effective ways of evangelizing the Gospel

of Jesus Christ inside and outside of the pulpit. From her

revelatory demonstrations to the transformational

encounters with God that she leads through divinely

spoken conferences to her businesses, the ministry of

Overseer Stephens has touched the lives of people all

around the world.

Overseer Stephens is a preacher, teacher, wife, mother,

grandmother, pastor, life coach, author, entrepreneur and

motivational speaker. She is the visionary of the annual

Wailing Women Conference. She is also the founder of

Women of Virtue, a women’s ministry that encourages

women to pick up their broken pieces and choose life

through fellowship and practical application that is

structured for impartation. Overseer Stephens is also the

founder of Daughters of Virtue, a non-profit organization

that seeks to instill morals and values in teenage girls through teaching them life

skills and helping them to understand that they do not have to be a

victim of their environment. This group focuses on teaching young

girls to trust God, dream big, and they can (and will) overcome any and every circumstance they may face.

In addition to these foundational ministries, Overseer Stephens successfully published her first book Loving the Skin You’re In, which focuses on the issues plaguing men and women that result in low self-esteem and a damaged sense of self worth. In it, she deals with the physical, spiritual, emotional, and financial components of oneself, how to find peace from past pain to advance to prosperity, and how to find your purpose in God.

Overseer Stephens was called to preach the word of God at the age of 15, and has dedicated over 25 years of her life to ministry in various capacities, including over 18 years in pastoral ministry. She pastors with her husband and partner Apostle Shawn Stephens at IGNITE Kingdom Church International in Leesburg, VA. Overseer Stephens has been instrumental in the ministry's

growth with her unique declaration of the Word, her humble disposition, and continues to be an awesome influence in the Kingdom of God and a threat to the army of the adversary.


"Accepting responsibility for your actions is the beginning of maturity. It can be difficult to accept at times, however if you're going to develop properly you must be accountable to someone and accept responsibility for your actions, or dysfunction is inevitable."


- Y.M. Stephens

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