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Apostle Shawn Stephens

Senior Pastor

A native of Danville, Virginia, Apostle Shawn L. Stephens was

born to Elder Lois Stephens. As a single mother raising a young

man, Elder Stephens committed her life to teaching and instilling

the principles of faith and living a God-filled life to her son. His

involvement in the local church led him to accept Christ as his

Lord and Savior at the early age of seven years old. He quickly

developed a passion for music and began playing the drums

and piano,which drew him into a closer relationship with God.

He was called by God to preach the word at 12 years old, and

has been serving in leadership roles in the Lord's church for

over 30 years.

His anointing as a Minister of Music afforded him the privilege

to serve and glean under the tutelage of several great men of

God. He was mentored under the leadership of the late

Reverend Dr. H.G. McGhee Sr. of Greater Triumph Missionary

Baptist Church (Chatham, VA), the late Reverend Burnell Baize

of Elba Baptist Church (Gretna, VA), Reverend Dr. Everett

Dickerson of Blackwell Baptist Church (Yanceyville, NC), Apostle

William L. Bonner of Greater Refuge Temple (New York, NY), and

Bishop George White Sr. of West End Full Gospel Church (St.

Louis, MO).

Apostle Stephens was educated in Danville public schools. Recognizing the mandate by God on his life, he matriculated at several institutions of higher learning. He graduated from Andersonville Theological Seminary in Camilla, GA in 1998 with a Bachelors of Theology, and in 2001 with a Bachelors of Christian Counseling. He also received an Associate's degree in Worship Ministry from Christian Leadership University in 2003. He continues his studies today in various specializations of Theology and Christian Counseling.

Apostle Stephens has been pastoring for more than 18 years. In 2003, he and his wife, Overseer Yolanda M. Stephens along with 3 of the board of directors, Tiffany Waddell, Doretha Woullard, and Deacon Chester Thomas became the founders of Restoration Full Gospel Ministries/ Restoration Outreach Kingdom Church.

In 2006, Apostle Stephens was consecrated to the office of Bishop and was affirmed as an Apostle in the Lord’s Church in 2009, at which time he began to cover several pastors and churches. In December 2012, he and Prophetess Stephens under the direction of the Board of Directors revised the vision of the church and updated the name of the church to reflect the new vision and became IGNITE Kingdom Church International, Leesburg, VA. Apostle Stephens is also the Presiding Prelate of Fresh Fire Ministries and Fellowship International where he mentors and provides episcopal and apostolic oversight. Presently, Apostle Stephens is under the apostolic covering of Apostle Ricardo Grant, and has been since 2003.

The ministry of Apostle Stephens has a global footprint. Prior to the Covid 19 outbreak Apostle Stephens ministered from the United States of America to the international waters of Aruba, Freeport Bahamas, Freetown Sierra Leone, Cayman Islands and Tel Aviv. He also serves as a counselor and conference speaker. Apostle Stephens is an end-time prophet who God uses in extraordinary measures as a conduit for spiritual transformation to regions and mass deliverance for the lost and brokenhearted.

His effective delivery of the unadulterated word of God, and leading by example in every area of his life has led many souls to Christ. He has birthed and launched many conferences over the years that have impacted lives across the country, to include RHEMA Camp Meeting, CODE RED, Iron Sharpens Iron Men's Summit, Wailing Women's Conference, and hosted multi-city Healing and Deliverance Crusades. His holistic approach to the word of God has created a strong following for marriage, family, parental and personal counseling services. Apostle and Overseer Stephens are the Founders of Covenant Couples, a ministry that facilitates and nurtures success in marriage through biblical teaching and group actives.

Apostle Stephens is well known in the Loudoun Community where he has been privileged to take the Citizens Police Academy under current Loudoun County Sheriff Michael Chapman. He also serves daily in Loudoun County Public Schools and partners with several organizations in Loudoun for outreach including Loudoun Hunger Relief.

Apostle Stephens also has strong relationships with other local ministries in the spirit of unity to reach the masses in spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ. He has served on several boards in Loudoun County Virginia including the Loudoun Aftercare Program for inmates transitioning back into the society, and Bright Life Buddies for Autistic Children. He has also served on the Circle of Love Coalition broad, a 501c3 non-profit supporting the homeless community in Loudoun County. His heartbeat is evangelism through community outreach and has actively engaged in initiatives like "love in Loudoun" and the Ignite Holiday Giveaway, where clothes, good, furniture, toys, and household goods are given away to those in need. His tireless efforts in serving God's people have afforded him any awards and recognition, to include a Letter of Appreciation from the Governor of Virginia for the service in Ashburn and the surrounding communities.

Apostle Stephens believes in seeking the Kingdom of God first. He has a relentless pursuit to abide in God's presence, a passion for operating in a Kingdom mindset, and a heart for worship and people. Establishing order and structure for the advancement of the Kingdom is his lifestyle. When it comes to fasting, praying, giving, loving unconditionally, and the covenant of marriage, making excuses is not an option.

Apostle Stephens is happily married to Overseer Yolanda Stephens and together they have two children and 6 grandchildren.


"Don't Panic, God has ruled in your favor. Live like it."

- S.L. Stephens

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