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Covenant Couples was established in July 2004 as a means of bringing together married couples and engaged couples for the purpose of providing them with strategies to live successfully married and saved. The founders of Covenant Couples Apostle Shawn Stephens & Overseer Yolanda Stephens  have been married for over 12 years. Make plans to join us the last Friday evening of each month for Covenant Couples Date Night. We are growing and marriages are being impacted.

Words Of Wisdom

— S.L. Stephens

In order to have a successful marriage, you must have a successful relationship. Relationships is listening, learning and changing for the better. 

Tips For A Successful Marriage

Try to avoid eating at restaurants as often as you can. The cumulative cost of eating out all the time is astronomical and will always blow-out your budget, and worries and arguments about money are one of the greatest causes for marital strife. It’s also unhealthy. Buy economical groceries once a week and prepare food. Speaking of budgets, work out a budget and stick to it, doing so will help you to avoid a lifetime of arguments. Simply spending till you don’t have any more money or credit to spend will inevitably make your life and your marriage a mess.

Eat your meals together as a family at a table and not in front of the television. Use the time together for discussion and finding out how people are doing. Nothing knits a family together more closely than regular good and edifying conversation.

As always if Covenant Couples is being a blessing to you, please like and share. We are available for marriage counseling, conferences, talk shows and etc.

Make sure you are doing family worship (devotions) together every day. Try to attach it to another thing you do habitually like eating. All you really have to do is read the bible, or devotional material based on the bible, and pray together. Get your kids used to this habit. They learn both the importance and manner of worshiping God in the home from their parents, not at church.

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