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Get back up ! From the Series 'Don't Drop the Ball'

Real faith is proven in the furnace of afflictions and at times of adversity!

John 5

  1. Stop pitying yourself.

  2. Eliminate your excuses.

  3. You must trust in the Lord. HOPE in the lord; Hold On Pain Ends !

4. Hold on it’s just a season. “Because for every matter there is a time and judgment, Though the misery of man increases greatly.” Ecclesiastes 8:6

5. You must be willing to resist the worlds way of thinking and doing things.

6. When we get ready to get back up we struggle with Comparing, complaining, complacency. These things will cause you to feel bad for making yourself a priority. Stop feeling bad about making yourself a priority.

7. Keep your heart pure; Guard your heart against obscurity, jealousy, malice and entitlement.

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